Beginning in the early 80ʼs, DJ Carl Bartelliʼs passion for music and the entertainment industry was obvious. Starting as a Club DJ, he was asked by management, “Why did you bring so many crates of records?” He answered, “I wanted to make sure I didnʼt leave any music home and had every song for the crowd.”

DJ Carl Bartelli has been providing professional music services for special events in the New York City and Long Island area for most of his career [’80ʼs to the present]. He has been perfecting his craft at weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs,  corporate events and  private parties. The art of entertaining and captivating his audience is his passion, his calling, and most of all his expertise.

DJ Carl Bartelli adapts to each event and audience he works with to create the ideal atmosphere. His attention to detail and professionalism has made him unstoppable in the corporate and social market. His music library consists of more than 100,000 songs ranging from yesterday’s classics to today’s hottest chart topping hits.

You are guaranteed to have a memorable experience with DJ Carl as he prides himself on always giving more than 100 percent to every event.

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